Urn for Sea Immersion THALASSA

Urn for Sea Immersion THALASSA

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Standard delivery time in metropolitan France: 3-4 Days

For delivery in less than 24 hours, contact us for a quote: 06 51 73 30 05. (If possible, the price will be between 50 and 100 euros for delivery.)


Volume: 3 liters

Height: 29cm

Diameter: 20.6 cm

This biodegradable urnis made from 100% ecological materials. This model offuneral urncan be submerged in water. Small in size, theThalassa immersion urnmay contain ashes of less than 3 liters.

Cylindrical in shape, thisimmersion urnis a classic commemorative product. Its blue color, appealing to that of the ocean, adds an original touch. It was made in our sheltered workshop and its manufacture is 100% manual.


For more information, here is a company specializing in the immersion of funeral urns at sea: