Jewelry for funerals?



A funeral ornament or a funeral ornament is the same term used to refer to a piece of jewelry that can hold the ashes of a small group of relatives. Some large funeral jewelry models can hold a spoonful of ashes or a bunch of expensive people's hair.

The others are made from a small mixture of ashes. Glass These gray clothes, take a spoonful of ash to a small bottle, or seal it in a mail bag: an envelope, an envelope or a letter, or a mail, preferably RAR.


Can we wear them at any time?

It is recommended that you remove them in the same pool, although they all have safe closures and are made to standard.

An accident happened very quickly ("it can be pulled out of your movement, so we suggest you use glue dots or transparent siloxanes to seal the jewelry.")

Like any precious jewelry, jewelry ashes must be handled with caution. Don't wash silver jewelry with bleach. Sometimes lemon juice makes them glow

Silver jewelry will naturally turn black over time If you have acid skin, it's even worse. It can be cleaned with a special silver jewelry product. Otherwise, you prefer stainless steel ash jewelry.

It is forbidden to separate the ashes from the dead. However, some crematoria can accept the delivery of a small amount of ashes ("infinitesimal"), and you can put ashes or decorations in jewelry.

Ashes handed over before 2008 are not subject to the act. It's like the ashes of your pet

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