Funeral Urn CRETA Biodegradable

Funeral Urn CRETA Biodegradable

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Volume: 4 L

Height: 26cm

Diameter: 20cm

More and more people today are choosing to opt for after-death cremation instead of turning to traditional burials. To pay a last tribute to a being that you have just lost, offer him a beautiful urn after his cremation by offering him a new life! This is currently possible with a funeral urn biodegradableOpening from the top, the cover can be easily sealed with a simple moistening, this to ensure the safety of your loved one's ashes before burial.

The funeral urnsare containers biodegradable and ecological and therefore which respect nature. Composed of natural materials and biodegradable like clay and other plant components, this type of urn is therefore an ideal solution for those who always wish to act with respect for nature. It is, thus, possible to put it in the ground or in water. Being a very widespread practice nowadays, burying the biodegradable urn or immersing it in water can be the ideal solution for every family in order to give back to the earth what is earth in a gentler way than it is. a simple burial.

TheCRETA Biodegradable cremation urn is, therefore, a very interesting option for you, if you want an ecological product. This can be placed in the ground or submerged in water according to the choice of each family. In water it will be soluble after two days, in soil it will degrade after three days. TheFuneral urnCreta Biodegradable was created to be able to contain the ashes of an individual weighing up to 150 kg before their cremation. It will thus be adapted to the majority of people.