Classic Funeral Urn NOGAL

Classic Funeral Urn NOGAL

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Volume: 4 liters

Height: 27.5 cm

Diameter: 20cm

This model offuneral urnis made from natural materials, therefore poses no danger to nature. This biodegradable urncan dissolve in water in two hours, as well as in soil in three weeks. Closing is done by simply moistening the cover.

This Classic NOGAL cremation urn in an elongated shape is a classic commemorative product. It is carried out manually by our specialist, working for more than twenty years in this profession. This range also contains two other colors: gray and turquoise blue.


Soluble in water in 2 hours, in soil in 3 weeks, this clay-based urn is ecological and biodegradable. Closing, just as natural, is done by simply moistening the lid.