Dompop Urn Small Format

Dompop Urn Small Format

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Dimension :

Diameter: 2.5cm

Height: 6 cm

Volume: 5 dL (equivalent to half a plastic cup)

The pets hold an important place in our lives, almost as much as those of family members. Indeed, more than just pets, they very often complement our lives and remain faithful to us no matter what. So when they pass to the other side, it is also necessary to pay them a last worthy tribute.

For the dogs and cats, cremation is common, it will be essential for you to have a cinerary urnfor the ashes of your companion. TheDompop urn small size is, thus, a keepsake urn that you can get to keep close to you the remains of your beloved companion. Made Brass, thepet urn This ensures perfect safety for the ashes of your beloved companion. You can also however choose to keep in this urn an object that belonged to your animal if you do not wish to keep the ashes.

Presenting a simple, yet colorful design, the small format dompop urn was created to contain a small amount of ash making it a funeral urn for ideal animals for every owner. Indeed, this cinerary urn features flower and heart details and patterns on its surface, but also on the lid. Lots of colors have been added to the urn to give it as much semblance of life as possible despite what it may contain. So you can place it in your home as a decorative piece to have it close to you at every moment of your life. Her small size makes it a fairly discreet object anyway despite the bright colors it sports.