Cinerire urn BLACKA

Cinerire urn BLACKA

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Size :

Length base: 27 cm

Height base: 16 cm

Volume: 3.2 litres

This brass urn is designed to hold the ashes of a loved one weighing up to 100 kg before cremation. After cremation, it is essential to collect the ashes in a suitable container. The cinerary urnsare obviously the solution for this. Many models are on sale in the market and the price difference is important, but it is better to choose the urn products quality.

This Funeral urn Blacka is a commemorative product Ideal for those looking for good quality urn. Brass is a very solid material that ensures you a high quality product. This urn is made of solid and authentic brass, which guarantees you a solidity and a flawless longevity. With an opening at the top, it closes with a secure and threaded lid to ensure the safety of the ashes or the object you will insert into the urn.

This model ofcinerary urn can also be used as adog urn, because animals, too, are entitled to as much consideration as humans when they leave us for a better world. TheFuneral urn Blacka is a product with a clean and simple design. Black in its entirety, however, it features chrome finishes that have been hand polished which makes this room as beautiful as possible. It is thus feasible to store it in a columbarium without any worries, because it can perfectly serve as a decorative piece. You can also keep it in a more discreet and closer place if you wish.