What is incineration, how does it work?

In this article we will give information to better know and understand the process of cremation.

 What is cremation?

The purpose of this technique is to burn and reduce to ashes the body of a dead human being or animal. The ashes can then be kept in a funeral urn or placed in the wild. Cremation is as old as history, but it is also modern and is increasingly practiced today. Cremation is an alternative to burial. It is a step in the preparation of the mortal remains for commemoration and final rest.

Cremation must be done with respect, dignity and care for the animal's ashes. All kinds of pets can be cremated.


Here is how a cremation usually takes place:

The first step is to place an identification tag on the body so that you can clearly identify the cremated remains. This is an important step because it ensures that the good ashes of the animal are received.

Then the body is placed in the cremation chamber. The cremation chamber is usually lined with fire-resistant bricks on the walls and ceiling. The floor is made of a masonry compound specifically designed to withstand extremely high temperatures. Once the body is placed in the machine, the chamber door (which is approximately 15cm thick) is closed and then the machine is started. The crematorium goes through a warm-up cycle before the main burner ignites. When the machine is at the right temperature, the main burner ignites, the cremation process can begin.

Temperatures in the chamber can reach 750 to 800 degrees Celsius, and the burners are powered by natural gas. It usually takes around 2.5 to 3.5 hours to burn the body to ashes and leave only small fragments of bone just. After the cremation process is complete, a 30-minute cool-down period is required before the bone fragments can be handled. The ashes are swept from the front of the machine with a special metal broom, and collected through an access door where they are taken to a cooling pan. They are placed on a work table where the operator passes his hand to possibly remove fragments of metal such as surgical screws, joint replacements. The remaining bone fragments are then placed in a special machine which pulverizes the bone fragments into powder.

The ashes are then placed in a plastic bag or urn that the family has chosen. It is possible to put a symbolic portion of the ashes in a cinerary jewelry. (also called ash pendant)


Can the choice of cremation mean a lack of love or feeling?

Not at all. Cremation is a method of preparing the remains for distribution of ashes in the wild, burial or the desire for a memorial in an animal cemetery, or in your own home or apartment.


A philosopher said: "Those who have crossed over into the other world do not die until their loved ones have forgotten them. "