Loss of an animal, testimonials

Losing a pet is painful.

Especially since your grief is often misunderstood by your loved one. However, it is understandable and quite natural to feel sadness. We all love our animals, their loss gives way to a great void and a feeling of helplessness. However, know that many people have also been confronted with the mourning of an animal, and through these testimonies, you will realize that you can mourn and that you are not alone.



"Hello I bought a KORKO urn and a pendant, it's beautiful.
I recommend."



"beautiful funeral urn for animal (dog or cat).
It helps to mourn the animal and to think about it so as not to forget it. "


"I wanted to offer a last home worthy of his name to my dog ​​who disappeared at the age of fifteen. Thanks to his urn, he can rest in peace".


"The loss of my animal was a terrible moment for me. He was both my confidant, my friend, followed me everywhere. I miss our long walks in his company. While looking for comfort on the internet, I found them. funeral jewelry and I can continue to take it with me everywhere. "


"Good service, fast and simple, which is appreciable in these painful times."


"My Filou's urn, simple and discreet, takes pride of place in the living room, his favorite place."


“Since I was little, I was inseparable from my shepherd. We grew up together (we adopted him at four months), he shared my joys and my sorrows. Later, when I became an 'adult', I took him with me. Only illness caught up with him and I had to resolve to free him from his suffering. I felt horribly sad, I felt so guilty. I wanted to offer him an urn worthy of him , so that he will be well forever. I don't have that feeling of having abandoned him anymore, he stays close to me and is well housed. "


"The service is impeccable, there is choice and listening. Thank you."


"I am very satisfied with the service and the price / quality ratio, I will recommend you."


"I always said that I wanted my animals (two dogs, a cat) to be cremated and kept in an urn. Thanks to the great choice of the site, I found the ones that suited me, discreet and sober."


"Even if we know that our animals are not eternal and that we have offered them a beautiful life full of love, we are destitute when the time comes. Whatever the“ bad tongues ”say, the feelings are as strong for animals as for human beings and I find it normal to want to pay homage to them and offer them a final home. I wholeheartedly stand with those who suffer this loss. "


"Very nice urns for our four-legged animals, I would recommend this site."


"I really like the Bios urn. The idea of ​​creating new life is a great tribute to pay."


"Thank you for the quality service and products, thanks to you our Kirby rests in peace next to us."


"I bought a collar when my cat died, I found it softer than an urn. Now he rests in his two favorite places: in the garden where he liked to expose himself to the sun and run after insects and in the living room next to his favorite armchair. "


"I would have liked to be able to collect myself, but our dog has disappeared and has never been found ... It is very hard for us, because he protected us (we are quite old) and that we do not know what what he has become, even if we think of the worst. I still think more and more of taking an urn to put his favorite toy in and honor his memory. "