Animal Health Insurance

 Would you like to adopt an animal but fear the veterinary costs? Your dog dug in the garden of your neighbour and he asks for repairs? Whatever your partner, you can take out insurance here our tips and selctions.

Veterinary fees:

With Company Animal Insurance, you can cover the cost of your pet. There are formulas adapted to your needs which starts at 4 euros per month.

This allows you to be reimbursed for your pet's veterinary expenses in the event of an accident and/or illness. A consultation with the veterinarian costs about 40 euros. A broken leg in a cat can cost up to 800 euros. The contributions associated with it vary depending on the size and age of your pet, as well as the formula you choose for all budgets!


Loss of an animal

Your pet ran away? You think it's lost?, everything is implemented to find it: Mondial Assistance even coordinates the search for your companion, and if you are not able to drive it in the veterinarian, it will be done for you. If you are hospitalized, your pet will be able to benefit from the care of a nurse!


Who can buy a dog or cat insurance?

Any major person can subscribe to it and thus protect your pet, dog or cat, aged between 3 months and 7 years (inclusive), as soon as the contract takes effect. Your companion will, however, remain insured after 7 years, without any age limit. Caution is required for these animals to be tattooed or watered, and first class dogs or those used for professional purposes may not be covered by this insurance.



How to subscribe?

It is enough to submit a statement of good health of your companion, and you can therefore make sure your pet! As regards time limits, note that in the event of an accident, the guarantees are granted 30 days after the effective date of your accession, and that in the case of illness or vaccine, they are granted 90 days after the effective date of your accession.

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