Here is the procedure to put the ashes and seal with glue your funeral jewel.

We advise you to read the entire procedure before taking action.

Necessary material:

- Paper sheet - Scotch - Scissor - Tooth Cure - Super glue - A clean workspace

1) Study how your funeral jewelry opens. Some may have a screw that unscrews from the top, while others may have a small screw on the back or bottom.

funerary jewelry

2) Remove the screw and screw several times. This will give you an idea of how the jewelry works and also gives you the ability to make sure that there are no mating problems between the two pieces.

ash pendant

3) Filling the jewelry:

a) Make a funnel with the help of a sheet of paper. For this:

Cut three-fourths of a circle on a sheet of paper. Fold the circle so that the edges overlap. Add a scotch to secure the funnel. (see photo below)

paper intonory

Use the jewel to measure the size of the hole needed for the funnel. Cut the bottom of the funnel to create the size of the desired hole.

Tip: Start small, you can always do more.

b) Remove the screw and using the funnel, put a small pinch of ash inside the pendant. Do not fill to the brim.

filling funerary jewelry

4) Take the toothpick and cure around the thread inside the pendant to clear the ashes that may have remained inside the thread.

cinerary jewelry threading

5) Check that the screw can always screw and unscrew. Also check that the jewelry is not too full and that it is possible to close the jewelry with the screw.

6) Put a little glue on a cardboard or sheet, (enough to soak the toothpick on).

funerary jewelry glue

7) Deflect the screw halfway, using the toothpick apply the glue on the thread of the screw. Squeeze the screw.

ash pendant collage

If you have put glue on the pendant, you should clean the glue on the pendant quickly.
8) Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours.

You can now wear the jewel.

Our funeral jewelry can be found on this page: