Ash Pendant: Urnti

ash pendant to honor your lovely lost friend; color: blue satin
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Dimension :

Height : 3.5 cm

Length : 2 cm

Width : 1.2 cm

Capacity : 1 cubic cm

Ash pendant blue urnti is designed to hold a little bit ashes, hair or dried flowers of ceremony. By taking closely a small amount of ashes, our memorial jewelleries enable to honor your disappeared friend. Ash pendants are closed with a threaded screw, whereas, it is recommended to use super glue to permanently seal the cremation jewelry

This cylinder-shaped ash pendant is made of stainless steel and can be worn under shower. Our professional jewellers craft ash pendants with the highest level of precision in a sheltered workshop. This ash pendant is delivered with the "ball chain" and a jewelry box that you can see on the picture.


Saturday, 25 May 2019
Le Urnti plus joli en vrai que sur la photo, discret costeau très jolie bleu.
Reste a voir sa tenue dans le temps surtout pour le revêtement bleu...
Très joli bonne contenance 1 centimètres cubes ,prix correct pour cette qualité, rapidité d'envoi.
Je valide et je recommande vendeur et le collier.
Merci Urne Funéraire.

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