Memorial QR code funeral plaque

Staintess stell QR code plaque to paste on a tombstone or a columbarium.
Scan the code with your mobile phone, you get on the memorial website of the personn with biography and photos.
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 Qr code plaque memorial

Stainless steel plaque, custom laser engraved format: 5.5 X 8.5 cm.

Each plaque has a URL (web address) unique. To order, put the URL of your website in the comments of the order. Also put the name of the person and the date of birth and the date of death (Optional)

On the back of the QR code plaque, there is some adhesive. It will be easy for you to stick it outside. The plaque is especially created for tombstones or columbarium.

The Qr-code  is a square of 3cm side with the light gray background. The Qr-code is black. The marking is done by laser. All this helps to optimize the code for read it outside by a Smartphone o

 Here below the QR code plaque funeral that you will receive:

Plaque QR code funeral


How does it works ? 


I) Make a website to honor the person


a)    You can use " google sites" : it's free, un-limited in time, easy to use. You must register on Google and create your site. You can easily upload photos, videos , texts , biography , family tree and visitors can put comments


b) More easier : you can create a "facebook group " Public access with photo, biography . Each person can leave a comment.


Be aware that for this part for this part, we do not support and help to create website.


II) Order your funeral QR plaque on

Order the plaque on this page. During the order validation, you will have a comment field. You will have to put

 - The URL (address) of the website that you want on the plaque. ( We will turn the URL into a QR- code)

 - The name of the person and dates of birth and death (optional but free of charge).

The delivery time is about 10 days for Europe, 15 days for north America.


III) Paste the QR plaque on the tombstone

On the back of the QR plaque, you will have some  adhesive.

Clean the tombstone, and check that the tombstone is dry before sticking the funeral QR plaque.


IV) Flashing the QR code with your smartphone

Take your mobile-phone and flash the QR code . Your phone will read the website address, and you will go on the website (or Facebook page).

 France 24 Qr code memorial


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a QR code ?

A QR code is a barcode that can be scanned using a smartphone. The QR code will give you the address of a website and your phone will take you back on the website. (Wikipedia page on the QR code




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